Chronic Care

Lower Hume PCP work with member agencies to improve chronic care through:

  •  Strengthening system integration and communication within and between services to provide early intervention and integrated care, and;
  • Supporting the implementation of person-centred models of care and initiatives that build health literacy to empower consumers to be active participants in their health.

Ovens Murray and Goulburn Chronic Care Strategy

The Ovens Murray-Goulburn Chronic Care Strategy is intended to guide the actions of a wide range of public and private organisations and health professionals as well as organisations beyond the health sector who play critical roles in prevention of chronic conditions, and then support, care and management of people living with chronic conditions in the Ovens Murray & Goulburn Areas. The Strategy sets out priority areas and desired outcomes for the short and medium term, together with longer term aspirational outcomes. Successful implementation of actions will rest on how organisations and their workforce respond to developments in chronic conditions health service delivery in their local context and will be supported by PCPs.

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