Mental Health

Good mental health is fundamental to the wellbeing of individuals, their families and the population as a whole. Mental health disorders including anxiety, depression and substance misuse are estimated to affect almost half of Australians aged 16-85 throughout their life¹. The prevalence of adults reporting high or very high psychological distress was higher than state average (13%) in 2014 across Mitchell (15%) and Murrindindi (16%) Shires, and rates of suicide are higher in regional Victoria and amongst the Aboriginal population².

In December 2018, the Lower Hume Primary Care Partnership (LHPCP) commenced an initiative to increase visibility, access and integration of mental health services across Mitchell and Murrindindi Shires. This has resulted in the establishment of a Goulburn Mental Health Steering Committee with representation from key services who have a shared commitment to work together with health and community services across the Goulburn area to integrate mental health programs and services towards a Stepped Care Model. 

The vision of the Goulburn Mental Health Steering Committee is:

People living within the Goulburn area are supported to build resilience and maintain good mental health. When they need further support for their mental health, programs and services are visible, accessible, integrated and of the highest quality to assist them to proactively managing their mental illness and return to living fulfilling lives. 

This will be achieved through the joint implementation of the Goulburn Mental Health Initiative Strategic Roadmap within the Goulburn Mental Health Stepped Care Model Clinical Governance Framework.  

For further information please contact Lee Coller on or 0437 341 288

Reports and Documents
Conference Presentaions

International Mental Health Conference 2020 Presentation – What Better Looks Like

¹ Department of Health and Human Services, (2016), Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Outcomes Framework, Victorian Government: Melbourne. ² Department of Health and Human Services, (2014), Victorian Population Health Survey, Victorian Government: Melbourne.