Smiles 4 Miles

Smiles 4 Miles aims to improve the oral health of preschool aged children in Victoria. It is an initiative of Dental Health Services Victoria, working in partnership with Lower Hume PCP to improve the oral health of the youngest children in our community. The program is based on the World Health Organisation’s Health Promoting Schools Framework and is delivered predominantly in kindergartens.

Within Lower Hume we currently have 36 services registered and reach 1,875 kids.

The benefits to your early childhood education and care service:

  • Participation in the Smiles 4 Miles program assists services to meet the requirements of the National Quality Standard.
  • Participation also supports the progression of children’s learning in the outcomes articulated in the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.
  • Participation in a program that has been developed from the latest evidence for improving children’s oral health.
  • Access to support and advice from health professionals experienced in children’s health.
  • Ensuring your service is recognised as one that creates a healthy culture for children.
  • Helping to establish healthy foundations at an early age that improve overall health and wellbeing.
  • Implementation of a program that provides the opportunity to empower both families and children to improve their oral health.
  • Opportunities to have your service recognised in the local media.
  • Smiles 4 Miles award that demonstrate your commitment to improving children’s health in your community.
  • Advanced standing eligibility for the Achievement Programs healthy eating and oral health benchmark; once received Smiles 4 Miles Award from 2015.

There are key messages promoted through the Smiles 4 Miles program:

Deadly Tooth Tips

The Smiles 4 Miles award officially recognises your service for their dedication and commitment to improving the oral health of children in their care. The award is valid for two years.
In year 1, your service must complete each of the following 7 award criteria:

  1. Complete the early childhood survey.
  2. Educators participate in a Smiles 4 Miles initial face-to-face training session or online refresher training.
  3. Review the effectiveness of the Drink well, Eat well key messages (Drink well / Eat well Surveys completed in Term 1 & Term 3 or HEAS menu assessment if you supply food, using FoodChecker).
  4. A healthy eating and oral health policy is developed or reviewed.
  5. Learning activities are conducted around the key messages and evidence provided.
  6. Strategies for family engagement around the key messages have been implemented and evidence provided.
  7. Information regarding dental services available to children is provided to families.

In year 2, your service will maintain their Smiles 4 Miles awards by:

  1. Implementing curriculum activities focused on Drink well Eat well and Clean well throughout the year.
  2. Delivering family engagement activities focused on Drink well, Eat well and Clean well throughout the year.
  3. Providing information to families about accessing dental services throughout the year.
  4. Participating in a Smiles 4 Miles initial face-to-face training session (new staff only).

Children will receive a Brushboy toothbrush and toothpaste during the year as part of the Smiles 4 Miles program.

Registrations please contact:

Jaimie Poorter
Coordinator System Integration and Projects
Mobile: 0417 131 527
In Office: Monday & Tuesday (weekly) and Wednesday (AM)

  • Alexandra Baby Care;
  • Alexandra & District Kindergarten;
  • Creating Futures Kindergarten;
  • Dudley Street Childcare & Kindergarten;
  • Eildon & District Kindergarten;
  • Flowerdale Kindergarten;
  • Kilmore Childcare;
  • Kilmore Community Centre Kindergarten;
  • Kinglake Ranges Children’s Centre;
  • Mandalay Early Learning Centre;
  • Marysville Preschool;
  • Marie Williams Kindergarten;
  • Mt Piper Kindergarten;
  • Nurture One Kilmore;
  • Pyalong Kindergarten;
  • Seymour Pre-School Centre;
  • Sutherland Street Childcare & Kindergarten;
  • Wallan Kindergarten;
  • Wallan Neighbourhood House OCC;
  • Wandong Kindergarten;
  • Yea & District Children’s Centre;
  • Belinda Conway (Murrindindi Family Day Care);
  • Beverly Howell (Murrindindi Family Day Care);
  • Cherie Miller (Murrindindi Family Day Care);
  • Jane James (Murrindindi Family Day Care);
  • Jane Thomas (Murrindindi Family Day Care);
  • Kirsty Harratt (Murrindindi Family Day Care);
  • Lisa Denby (Murrindindi Family Day Care);
  • Lucy Wallis (Murrindindi Family Day Care);
  • Lynne Barkley (Murrindindi Family Day Care);
  • Mel Quinn (Murrindindi Family Day Care);
  • Melinda Simonis (Murrindindi Family Day Care);
  • Michelle Atherton (Murrindindi Family Day Care);
  • Marlene Nettlefold (Murrindindi Family Day Care);
  • Sonya Drummond (Murrindindi Family Day Care);
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