Agencies have the opportunity to become members of the Lower Hume Primary Care Partnership to improve relationships, reduce duplication of services, address gaps in service provision and achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes for the community.

The Lower Hume Primary Care Partnership does this by seeking to implement appropriate change management strategies in partnership development, prevention, system integration, family violence and Aboriginal health and wellbeing.

The Lower Hume Primary Care Partnership offers one membership category ‘General Membership’.

General membership includes “Core” organisations as specified in the DoH guidelines and/or services responsible for the delivery of primary care services, in the local government areas of Mitchell and Murrindindi.

Application for membership

Applications to be submitted to the Executive Officer

Partnership/Membership Terms

By consenting to be a member of the LHPCP members agree to the following:

  • To provide input into the development and implementation of strategies to meet the overall aims of the LHPCP strategic documents;
  • Provide in-kind support and resources, where appropriate and support the strategic directions;
  • Participate as appropriate in LHPCP projects and activities as relevant for successful implementation of Hume Regional and Sub Regional priorities.
Partnering Agreement including Membership Forms:
Current members and partners
Full Membership Organisational Structure including stakeholders can be found at “About Us”